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When you start your health and wellness journey, you can expect the utmost care and attention. My passion is to teach you how to become a leader within your own life and home with your health. We work together on your goals and you let me know how involved you want me to be in the journey. Some like the simple access through our online community and reach out when needed; and others, have specific issues they'd like to address and accountability helps them reach their goals. Everyone has access to continuing education with me and through me, access to a wide range of amazing other teachers in the essential oil world!
We all connect to our tribe in different ways, let's chat about what that looks like for you.

Business Building Support

Mentoring is what I love most! When I first got started with dōTERRA, because of my experiences, I could not help but want to share it with my friends and family. I've been building my network marketing business since 2012 and have an organization of over 150,000 members. Working with all types and experiencing the ebb and flow of a network marketing business during all kinds of ups and downs, I come with almost ten years of experience. This size of an organization is the work of several hundred amazing leaders of all backgrounds and experience working towards their goals. I simply had the honour of starting the domino effect of introducing those first few people to this and it went from there. I have mentored many of these leaders over the years and it is my greatest joy when, as we say in the network marketing world - they fire their upline because they've got it!

Leadership in this business requires being open to growth, breaking through your glass ceilings, working with integrity and reflecting our company and team's culture.
Within our online community is a professional's group where we collaborate and work together for the betterment of all our teams. You are equipped with resources, growth tools, events, and one-to-one mentoring with me!

Together We Can Make the World Better...One Drop at a Time

We are a tribe of dōTERRA Wellness Advocates co-creating an authentic community with our wholesale members to build a resource of wellness and support; a focused space free of social media clutter; and, live interactions with our worldwide members.

As a member of our team, you have started a pretty amazing journey! By joining us in this unique community, the noise of social media is removed, you have a safe space to share struggles and triumphs with like-minded people, and you help create a resource so valuable it without a paid subscription.

Let's connect on Instagram @myvalleyflowers