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The AromaTouch Technique

We have always dreamed of homeschooling and we got a little taste of it when 2020 hit - but I digress. The schools my children go to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and let me ...

Strength Training

When was the moment you really grasped how much your children watch you? Not just watch you, but form their ideals, actions, and beliefs after what they see in you?  I remember whe...

The Mind-Body Connection with Essential Oils

If there is one thing the past couple of years has caused in a lot of us is stress. How have you handled it? Have your circumstances changed so much that your anxiety levels have r...

Next Steps into the Unknown

When mothers leave abusive relationships, most are not prepared for the post-separation abuse that follows them into family court. Family Court Reform is imperative in order to pro...

Current Research for Family Court and Domestic Abuse

Family court needs to implement current research in all custody cases. Here is the most important research in order for family court professionals to be leaning on in order to prov...

Making Sense of the Confusion

Domestic abuse can be very confusing if it isn't physical abuse. Mental, emotional, spiritual... these are forms of abuse that can destroy one's soul. Awareness is the first step t...

Essential Sleep Habits

Let's be honest... how much sleep are you getting? I know if I don't get enough sleep, it will directly impact the following day. So, when I'm talking to anyone about sleep, I st...


Hello and welcome to my blog! The last time I wrote a blog was when I was in Brasil helping to bring awareness to the injustices happening there, including a main focus on the infa...

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