Faith to Overcome

You were created  to thrive

Where there is hope, there is life. Whether it is reaching the goals and dreams you've set for your business or how you are choosing a better and courageous path to freedom for your children, you were born with an innate ability to thrive. I have had plenty of moments where I didn't think what I dreamed of would come true. But, even after the most challenging of days, there has been this tenacious force that rises up and causes me to walk forward. You have that in you, too. As women, especially as mothers, we are born to persevere, to not quit. You've got this!

Even when the world seems against you... you are never alone.

World circumstances aside, the direction my life took in 2015 put me on an incredible path that forced me to rebuild my life with renewed purpose and intention.

Pain creates opportunity for deeper empathy and growth. Facing our pain is so courageous because it's simply easier to not deal with it. It takes strength to walk into it and then use it for something more. Someone is watching you - if she can do this, I can do it, too.

Certainly one voice, one moment, one action can change history but when we find more of us, it becomes a movement that can leave a powerful legacy for the next generation.

You have that same courage inside of you and your story can be a weapon for righteous change... from changing generational health issues to financial blocks to shifting generational trauma and abuse.

The time is now.

Let’s Rise Up Together

Life is never a straight line. It is curly, goes forward, at times looks like it's going backwards, and can have sharp turns. My original vision for a safe house here on the Island of Hawaii is still rooted in community, healing, and safety for women and children.  In the past three decades, I co-founded an anti-trafficking task force; became a certified birth doula with a focus on trauma; postpartum doula and birth education and empowerment; educated refugees on birth, breastfeeding, and trauma; worked with crisis teen pregnancy, young offenders, and domestic abuse. As a professional photographer in my twenties and early thirties, I traveled to the Middle East, Brazil, and Japan exposing overwhelming injustice issues that strip women and children of their dignity and worth. Then, in 2022, my divorce took my network marketing business that had reached 7-figures in organizational volume. These crossroads give us two options and my choice has been to continue on my path to my destiny despite the obstacles, leaving a legacy my children can be proud to inherit.
Where there is pain, there is hope and strength... and so much room for life and freedom.
No matter where you are, keep growing.

hey, soul sister

If you know me inside my home, you will know me outside my home. I am one woman, one face. My most treasured role is being Mumma to my three sweeties. Motherhood has taught me, stretched me, deepened my soul, and helped me conquer challenges like nothing else. I loved the 80s because phones were stuck to the wall so, in today's world, we love to go camping without cell reception, swim and surf in the open sea, and hike up and into the most beautiful valleys. My sorrows have brought me close to the God of the brokenhearted, but also the rest of His green pastures. I am passionate, speak my mind, live life from my values, and love the belly ache of a solid laugh. I live to leave a legacy of authenticity, truth, hope, and kindness. To impact and lead my children to inherit a blessing that will shift their lives and thread down into generations to come. To live. To not only be a survivor but an overcomer.... and thrive this life.

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